Your National Security Partner

Who We Are

Founded in 1981 by former Dallas County, Texas Sheriff Carl Thomas and his lovely wife, Susan, Thomas Protective Service, Inc. has benefited from a prosperous heritage of service excellence for well over thirty years.

Our communications center is responsible for ensuring our officers safety and consistent, uninterrupted customer coverage through our computer based monitoring system.  This system tracks officer arrival and departure times as well as two hour interval “welfare / safety checks” to verify officer location and well-being.  Our automated monitoring system integrates scheduling, payroll, and invoicing services.

Key Management & Leadership

The ownership and management team of Thomas Protective Service, Inc. has an extremely diverse  background and substantial experience in business, public law enforcement, U.S. military service, plant/warehouse management, risk and loss prevention management, school administration, and corporate security.

When varied credentials and qualifications are mixed with empowered employees, who have a passion to succeed, the result is a high performance record.  If you desire a better process and a successful result for your security needs, allow us to join your team.

Technological Advances

Thomas Protective Service, Inc. maintains real-time security dispatchers in our corporate communications center.

Our original foundation is still solid, held together by the cornerstone of integrity, expertise and enduring quality.  As the security industry has changed, we have adapted, but we’ve never abandoned our core beliefs. The sound principles of mutual trust, performance and accountability continue to endear us to our business partners.

You will always enjoy the experience and personal touch of speaking with a Thomas Protective Service, Inc. customer relations expert 24 hours per day, seven days per week.