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K-12 School Security Guide

A guide for preventing and protecting against gun violence. Download a PDF here to read more.

Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare Facilities

Hospital, nursing home and other healthcare facility workers face significant risks of workplace violence. Download a PDF here to read more.

Workplace Violence Fact Sheet

Workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide. Download a PDF here to read more.

Building a security awareness program that leverages internal stakeholders and recognizes employees can help promote a corporate culture of safety. Read more here.

Workplace and school violence in the United States—which often takes the form of mass shootings—has been happening for decades. Read more here.

Occupational fraud knows no rank; it can be perpetrated by a line employee or a C-suite executive. And it can cost a company dearly. Read more here.

Organizations continue to struggle with their emergency and crisis management plans. Read more here.

News from ASIS International here and here.

Positive and inclusive workplaces do not happen overnight. Read more here.

Using policies and procedures to maintain an inviting environment without compromising staff and visitor safety allows security to flag issues. Read more here.

Active Shooter - How To Resond

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Download the PDF here to read more information.


Emergency Planning

Youth video (4:14) produced by FEMA with tips on how to be prepared for emergencies. Video link here.


Car Prowl Prevention - Business Strategies for Parking Lots and Garages 

Car prowl or theft from vehicles consistently ranks as one of the top nationwide crimes. Download a PDF about how to prevent it here.