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Helpful Links and Downloadable Content

This page contains links to information that you may find useful.

FEMA's “Are You Ready?” Guide

This page of the FEMA website regards comprehensive information for individual, family and community preparedness. View it here.

Also, you can view and download a PDF of the FEMA emergency preparedness information brochure here.


FEMA's “Planning for the Unthinkable” Guide

Tabletop exercise from FEMA, 2012. Download a PDF here.

FEMA Terrorism Guide

Download a PDF here.

National Terrorism Advisory System

Stay aware of any alerts from the Department of Homeland Security. View and click the link below for the latest updates.



June 2017 Employee Manual & Handbook

click here for the secure download.


Legal Authority of the Security Officer

Download a PDF here.

Refresher Training Guide for Professional Security Personnel

Download a PDF here.


Active Shooter Preparedness

Click here to view the video.